Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Jewel Toned Shimmer

So for some days 
I love old fashioned elegance.

Instead of  matchy-matchy ideas
I would go for 
layering of different patterns and textures.

Accents in jewel tones
red, burnt orange, rust and a hint of gold,
for more oomph and interest.

A little metallic punch here and there
goes a long way in creating a visual interest.

Have fun with styling
and give your space
 a richer and more dramatic look.

Image: My Home

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a.s.m. said...

Tienes un magnifico y extenso blog, con unas armonías de color que te atrapan, felicidades por ello.
Un saludo, Ángel

Javier said...

Unas creaciones muy bonitas!!


Japy said...

I love the colors of India. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it gave me the chance to visit yours. Greetings.

Alycia Nichols said...

Mmmmmmmmm! Beautiful!!!!

Aalayam Inspiration said...

What lovely imagery!

also, wanted to introduce our blog Aalayam. check it out sometime.


Bohemian said...

I don't like matchy-matchy either... or even numbers of things. I prefer layers of Beauty and going with the Heart regardless of what is allegedly On Trend... if you Love it, then it will work for you in your Styling.

Dawn... The Bohemian


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