Monday, 20 May 2013

It speaks quietly Tropical-'The Asian Tropical Style'

[Red plumeria and river pebbles on a mother of pearl shell dish
- refined simplicity of tropical living and my humble abode]

A home can be a sensual delight
with simple or intriguing arrangements of
natural materials.

Free flowing space,
airy and light open plan residence,
organic space which is in tune with mother nature
evokes the 'Asian Tropical Style'

Thai raw silk cushion cover 
and silk throw from Cambodia
beautifully compliments 
the Vietnamese wooden fisherman.

Go tropical...
Go natural...
Go green...
it is artfully unexpected :)

A study corner with natural flair...
 Dokra musician from Kolkata (West Bengal, India),
framed tribal art
and wooden 'snake boat race' figure from Kerala (India),
sits happily with green succulent 
potted in a clay planter.

 [Today...on the coffee table :)]

Touch of wood, clay, bamboo, 
coconut twigs or sea shells
blended with 
raw silk, fresh orchids and gorgeous plants
beautifully paints the composed and stylish picture of 
Asian Tropical Decor.

 [A quirky play on design details
antique Oriental tea pot...on the console table]

 Asian Tropical Style is casually elegant,
relaxed and free flowing,
comfortable and crisp,
whimsical yet functional...
 and just perfect for today's busy life.

What do you say...?..:)

P.S. : I am extremely sorry for the infrequent activity on this little blog for the last couple of months. The 'off-line life' is becoming increasingly demanding and juggling between different role(s) is tough sometime. I know my beautiful readers are truly understanding. I'm going to answer all your e-mails ASAP. 
Thanks again for your unconditional love, support and  time.

All images: My Home and subject to copyright



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