Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I'm thankful have YOU in my life :) lovely readers,
please accept my gratitude
 for reading this little blog
and loving me unconditionally.

Here, I'm thanking GOD
for my tiny home
priceless family
and beautiful friends.

 For every small thing
I got in my life...
as they say
"There is
something to be thankful for."

...and now
eye candy
on a beautiful autumn day,
with fallen maple and oak leaves,
white pumpkins,
dried corn and berry branches,
dahlias, sunflowers and zinnias.

...and here some more
oozing gorgeousness :)

red, orange, gold, rust and brown
brightest autumn hues ever...

Elegant autumn flowers
and gold glitter
to set 
the seasonal statement. 

Fresh and natural elements
with unexpected burst of colors.

...and the prettiest autumnal floral makeover

"It is not happy people
who are thankful;

It is thankful people
who are happy."
                             ~ Unknown

Happy Thanksgiving!

Images : Better Homes and Gardens
Idea conceived/ collage/ storyline : Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee
                                                          Rainbow The Colours of India

Friday, 21 November 2014

Home : Easy and accessible

Home is ultimately where 'happiness' happens.

A glimpse of
This is how 
I see 
 life and beauty.

I tend to collect accent 
that I cherish,
then play around it,
until it works.

 Huge open windows,
sun-kissed rooms,
white walls,
an open plan living,
fresh flowers and plants
makes me happy
and most importantly
small touches to give the space
personality and charm.
Here's my two cents
a well curated home can be easy too :)

Please, do share your thoughts :)

All images: @ My Home
Images : Mine and subject to copyright

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

...and I am back...:)

First things first !!
I owe a HUGE apology to you...

my dear friends,
my patient readers...

and those silent followers,
who followed this page diligently
all this while.

and THANK YOU to
all lovely souls
who have sent 
those sweet e-mails...:)
Life can't be so beautiful
without you.

So, how is life...?
Oh my !! it's almost year-end here
a little nip in the air,
warm orange sun-glow
and gorgeous bougainvillea
happy in the courtyard .

and all this while
I was sipping coffee 
in solitude
waiting for your beautiful smile.

As December knocking at door 
there is more miles to travel
and enjoy

 a lot to read and re-read
a lot to bake
and yes...yes...more to blog...:)

So, my lovelies
see you soon 
with a lot of eye candy
till then
take care
and stay happy :)

images : Tumblr
Idea conceived/ collage/ storyline : Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee
                                                          Rainbow The Colours of India

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Toying with ideas

...and see what has happened...

Amchi Mumbai (our Mumbai ) special:
Wooden Bollywood Box.

Light, camera, action
vintage, modern
emotion, drama,
comedy, romance
family, kids
sensual, kitsch
colour, sound
you name it...they have it...
Bollywood  -;)


After years of procrastination
finally into jewellery making:

Ethnic necklace 
silver and beads
perfect for those gorgeous evening outfits.


For that boho girl inside you
Suzani inspired 
wooden jewellery box.


While I'm having a lot fun
toying with different ideas...
please, don't forget to drop me a line or two.
Let me know about your feedback
is it yay or nay...?..;)

So, colour, textile, paint
suzani, ikat, kantha
silver, beads
clay and threads
and  the outcome is..
a bag full of happiness...-;)

See you soon with more fun stories.
Have a great week lovelies.

Images/Products/ Ideas: Mine and copyrighted.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Life is like a canvas
and it's beautiful indeed 
with splashes of colour. 

Love is life. 
Love is respect and affection,
inspiration and destination.

Life is peace...
calmness of mind,
a degree of stability within
and strong sense of 
inner contentment.

 When it is simple
life is joyful.
On a designer's note...
"You don't need to make a big fuss,
just put together things
that make you happy
and that reflect you"
                             - Dan Marty, Designer. 

Hello lovelies...
Hope 2014 is treating you beautifully :) 

images : My Home and copyrighted.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Love and Gratitude...Happy Thanksgiving!!

"The earth laughs in flowers"
                       -Ralph WaldoEmerson

What a lovely thought 

to start 
a brand new week...

Frangipani...blooming and beautiful
just outside my bedroom window
 can't ask more from life...:)

"We often take for 
the very things
that most 
our gratitude."

                          -Cynthia Ozick

Thank you Lord for everything...

My husband
our children
our family
and friends
good health
and mental peace...

Thank the Lord for everything!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Images: Mine and copyrighted



Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Art of Living

I love texture and style!
Well, I love to mix 
'texture and style'...
to add a little drama 
and dimension to a space...
to achieve a sense of comfort 
and intimacy. 

My world is 
stylistically fluid
and I don't want to
follow any design 'rule' -;)

Balinese decor accent
helps to keep
 the spirit of 
an open-plan South Asian living alive.

Art inspires me everyday.
I always look for flea market
and vintage finds when I travel.

Home is where the heart is...
where cosiness and comfort prevail.

So,What is your design 'mantra' ?
Do drop me a line...-;)

Images: My Home and copyrighted.




Monday, 28 October 2013

As Diwali beckons...

Marigold, 'Kumkum' and lotus
tea-lights and lanterns
diyas and rangolis, 
shades of gold, rust, red, orange and pink...

fresh flowers and sweets
brass, copper and silverware, 
peacock feathers and paisley motifs,
gorgeous fabrics, textures and patterns... 

love, laughter ,
family and friends
and loads of happiness :)
Yes, Diwali is here...again !

More is coming on Diwali...real soon...

stay tuned :)

All images are mine and copyrighted.


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The magnificent temple of Borobudur

After a beautiful break
returning from Central Java 
the land of mesmerising natural beauty,
profound traditions in history, 
art and culture,
and learning.

[Shakyamuni-Siddharta Gautama Buddha
Borobudur, Central Java, 9th century]

Rulers of the Sailendra Dynasty built Borobudur
some time between AD 750 and AD 850.
This vast monument is a harmonious composition 
expressing both the shape of the cosmos 
and man's spiritual quest.

 I've taken thousands of photographs
of this colossal monument,
some of those are coming soon on this space.

The supremely gorgeous landscape of Central Java,
those beautiful green rice fields,
traditional rice growing kampung,
villages of terracotta-tilled houses,
magnificent temples and 'stupas',
all overlooked by soaring volcanic peaks,
still lingers in my mind.

Images are mine and can not be reused under any condition.


Monday, 7 October 2013

Busking in the Autumn Glory..

the beautiful morning sun
warm orange glow
and  Rajashani musicians,
busking in the morning glory -;)

Frangipani in full bloom
just outside my bedroom window..
the view itself promises
an unforgettable autumn morning.

Durga puja is around the corner
the humble home 
is slowly getting decked up 
for the season of festivities.

Indian puja/brass items 
and happy frangipani...
don't miss the delicate Kantha work 
on the fabric...-;)

What is your home let me know sometime...-:)

Images: Mine and subject to copyright.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

শারদ শুভেছা~ 'ওগো আমার আগমনী' :: Sharod Shubhechha~ Ogo amar agomoni

 শুভ মহালয়া ~Shubho Sharadotsava 

'ওগো আমার আগমনী'... 

শুভ মহালয়ার পূণ্য প্রভাত

full bloomed lotus at home

  On the auspicious first day of Devipaksha

এসো শরতের অমল মহিমা, এসো হে ধীরে।
                        চিত্ত বিকাশিবে চরণ ঘিরে।।

the  fragrance in the air,

fragrance of the  festivities .

Today is Mahalaya(মহালয়া)...
the commencement of 'Devipaksha' (দেবিপক্ষ)
the beginning of 'Autumn Festival' 
in Bengali 'শারদীয়া দুর্গা পুজা '...

This is the moment to enjoy 
the timeless beauty of 
Mahalaya  Agomoni and 'Chandi Path' (চণ্ডী পাঠ) 
by (Late) Birandra Krishna Bhadra
a very nostalgic moment for every Bengali
it's all about our childhood memories....
all those auspicious  moments 
in a beautiful autumn ( Ashwin) dawn 
and that magical  telecast on All India Radio.
An 'Oratario' invoking The Goddess Durga
Sanskrit Chants,'Slokas' and Bengali devotional songs 
those unforgettable melodies
by versatile artists of yesteryear's..
'বাজল তোমার আলোর বেণু
মাতল রে ভুবন...'
still in my heart!!

Warm wishes for a very Happy Durga Puja 
and Happy Navaratri 
from my home to yours -;) 

 Images: My home  and copyrighted. 
Please, do not reuse them in any form without my written permission. Thanks!


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