Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Oriental Chic

Hello beautiful readers !
I know, it has been a while...
As the 'real world' is becoming more and more demanding with two little ones, an extremely busy corporate type husband, a home to look after, as I'm investing more and more time to my first love 'music'...and yes, most importantly I do not post just for the sake of posting. 

Well, today is different, I have a few more hours to update my blog...a quick post on one of my favourite topics 'Oriental Design' .

As an Indian girl, based out of Singapore, my humble style is an informal and relaxed one, based on what 'We love as a family'. I always go for something which is practical (keeping in mind that we have two kids at home), easy to maintain and comfortable.

 I feel that, for our nest the 'rustic Indian touch' goes hand-in-hand with the 'simple-serene Oriental look'.

...and here comes the magic of  'Eclectic Design' . The fun of 'mix and match'. It is 'that particular style' which can be evolve and constantly updated. I love to create an 'Eclectic Design Scheme' for our home which can bring many possibilities in decor and can reflect my family's interest as a whole.

For me, the most important rule for decor is 'To Break the Rules'. Yes, I'm a rule breaker in that sense.  I love to hear my heart and can't follow any design school blindly . Hope, it reflects in my home.

 Treasures from our travel to different countries, antiques,  even flea market junks can add that 'magical touch' to my home. 

 Buddha from  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, sits peacefully on a corner table in our living room, while the early morning sun creates a few blissful moments. I love to enjoy my morning tea here with the husband.

I fell in love with this antique Chinese tea pot when I first saw this in a tiny-shabby shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I knew that it had to be mine. 'Red' is a very powerful colour as per Chinese art and these intricate details help to add some character.

What is your style ? 
Classic, Country, Retro, Shabby-Chic, Modern ?
Would love to hear from you as always.

Now, heartiest welcome to all my new friends on this little blog.
 Always look forward to your valuable thoughts.  
Wish you all a lovely week ahead.            

Images: My Home 

 All pictures are taken by me. Please, do not reuse these in any form without my written permission. Thanks.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Thinking of crispy summer

Sweet Summer  Style,
with chic black and white,
a breathe of fresh air !

Light and airy interior
lush green living...

   'sketch' of a relaxed summer morning
for that lovely, crispy feel.

and that additional 'wow' factor,
'luxury' designed for 'life' :)

Summer Style Tips:

1. In your all white summer living room add pops of colour and texture with bright cushions, pillows, rugs and throws ;...and enjoy the dramatic effect.

2. For that wide open space look, install mirror in your small living area. It reflects light and makes your 'summer space' bigger, brighter and modern. Expanses of glass blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors to create the perfect look for living and entertaining.

3. Have dimmer switches fitted to pendant lights for a most romantic ways of lighting. Your friends will cherish those moments of beautiful summer evening.

4. For a quick summer table display put a white pillar candle on a glass bowl and arrange shells and pebbles around the base. It gives that instant summery-coastal glam.

5. You can use that battered old trunk as your unique coffee table to put fresh flowers, books and to rest the coffee mugs as well. Don't you love that rustic and fresh summer look?

All Images : My Home

All pictures are taken by me. Please, don't reuse them in any form without my written permission. Thanks.

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Monday, 9 April 2012

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pottery Barn : Autumn Decoration

 Red brown, gold and rust 
orange, deep green and brown gray
beautifully blended
and together they can paint 
the perfect picture of a warm, gorgeous autumn day!

Finally, just a touch of fun
for a spooky Halloween party :)

images :Pottery Barn



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