Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Toying with ideas

...and see what has happened...

Amchi Mumbai (our Mumbai ) special:
Wooden Bollywood Box.

Light, camera, action
vintage, modern
emotion, drama,
comedy, romance
family, kids
sensual, kitsch
colour, sound
you name it...they have it...
Bollywood  -;)


After years of procrastination
finally into jewellery making:

Ethnic necklace 
silver and beads
perfect for those gorgeous evening outfits.


For that boho girl inside you
Suzani inspired 
wooden jewellery box.


While I'm having a lot fun
toying with different ideas...
please, don't forget to drop me a line or two.
Let me know about your feedback
is it yay or nay...?..;)

So, colour, textile, paint
suzani, ikat, kantha
silver, beads
clay and threads
and  the outcome is..
a bag full of happiness...-;)

See you soon with more fun stories.
Have a great week lovelies.

Images/Products/ Ideas: Mine and copyrighted.

All Rights Reserved 



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