Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kantha : An affair to remember....DIY Silk Kantha Throw :)

"Life, when reduced to its simplest,
the tale is essentially a love story
with a fairytale overtone."

Well, I am in love with Bengal Kantha...

the simple running stitch and its fairytale outcome.  
This love story began long back, during my high school days 
and the saga continued -;)

So, when the whole design and styling world is caught by 

this beautiful Kantha craze,
(Kantha is one of the most popular art form of Bengal)
here is my humble attempt to 'draw' a tell
on a piece of tasar silk.

 My DIY kantha throw

and a close up...

 It's indeed a little time consuming
I did it little by little over my free time...
but it totally worth it,
 as the immense satisfaction you get at the end.

Bankura terracotta 
 beautifully compliments
the elegant simplicity of kantha embroidery.

Thinking of those good old days
 when all those women folk from rural Bengal 
used to draw 
(yes, here I'm purposefully not using the word 'sew') 
incredible stories 
on soft, recycled saris/dhotis
with intricate stitches.

Looking forward to your valuable feedback :)

images: mine and copyrighted.


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