Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Dreamy Decor !!:)

A dreamy spring-summer afternoon
fragrance of 'Frangipani'
amazingly refreshing :)
Buddha love
blissful moments..
a cozy nook
beautiful spring-summer moments
to be cherished...
dreamy and magical !!:)

P.S.  I'll highly recommend this book
SIDDHARTHA by Hermann Hess...
to all my friends, followers and co-bloggers.

All pictures are mine and subject to copyright


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Just to brighten up your day..SUZANI!!:)

Add some happiness and colours
into your Spring-Summer wardrobe..
Suzani Art :)

Just to brighten up your day...
 hot and fab Suzani shoes and boots!!:)

images: here

Monday, 25 April 2011

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Creative Weekend...My Madhubani Art !:)

As usual the weekend was crazily busy....with a long to do list..! Shopping, cooking ,cleaning, kids school homework to be finished, activity classes, my own work, hubby's office party, friends to visit, barbecue on the beach...oops!!..mad!..mad!..mad!!
Tooooo  much work to  soooo little time...??... But, at the end you know I love multitasking it gives me immense satisfaction :)

Anyway,over the weekend I have managed to finish this first MADHUBANI it goes..on my tabletop :)

At the beginning...

and finally ...

a few closer views

my first Madhubani is framed now..:)

I always loved the bold use age of colours, ornate floral pattern, double line border, geometric
figures, flora and fauna in those beautiful Madhubani Folk Art...what about you?? Don't you like the rustic, vivid look ??:)

Images: Mine and copyrighted


Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Very Happy Bengali New Year..:)

A gentle summer dawn
the first daylight 
 soft and dreamy
early morning..
light and shadow..
and my nest...!:)

 sheer summer curtains
cool breeze..
dreamy ..
and magical moments..:)

a beautiful morning
with some GREEN love..!:)

some bright summer colours...!

happy chrysanthemums
by the window..
the soft morning light is coming through...!

today is Poila Baisakh..
Naba Barsha in Bengal (India)
the very first day of Bengali New Year

Subha Naba Barsha..
Happy Bengali New Year..:)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hello Monday :)

A Very Good Morning from Singapore...!:)

Orchids from my tiny 'Tropical Garden'...a bliss:)

a beautiful Lorry Bird and 'The Rain Forest'

colours and cheer from 'The Japanese Garden', Singapore.

Glimpses of  'The Tropical Living'..!!:)

Happy Monday folks...

[All pics are taken by me]

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

'Frangipani Tea'....for two!...a beautiful 'Spring-Summer Morning'!!:)

A beautiful spring-summer morning..
dreamy, magical light
gentle morning breeze..
delicate 'Frangipani'  bloom
bees are buzzing..
 birds are singing
a romantic set up
morning tea for the garden
'Frangipani' (Champa or Chameli) decor
brass and chinaware..
some spring-summer design inspirations !:)

'Frangipani Tea'..
 early morning glory..
intoxicating fragrance
sweetness and beauty..
soft and gentle;
it smells like spring..
it looks like lovely summer!:)

Have a great day :)


Sunday, 3 April 2011

' the Tropic'...Singapore :)

Spring is here...
blast of colours
bright, sunny days..
yellow, purple and pink ;
lush green landscape
orchids are full bloomed
optimism and cheer..
a perfect Singapore snap!:)

here, a peep through
Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.. 
the best, Tropic can offer..!!


the joy
of having
all around !!:)

Happy Monday


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