Thursday, 31 March 2011

Essense of Bali...

...and the Bali love continues...

face of peace

Divine tropical living..
don't miss the play of light and shadow in the pond
a bliss .

An exotic morning
with Balinese architectural style and elegance.

Pamper your senses with
the rich flavour,
of this magical tropical island..!

[All pictures are photographed by me..please, don't reuse these in any form without my written consent.Thanks]

...and the WINNER is...!!

Hello blog land!
Today,I like to thank each and every participant of my fourth CSN giveaway, thank you all!...friends, you are the best!!...and finally the lucky winner is (using

drum roll please...Xinex !

Congrats, Xinex! Please, fell free to contact me !:)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sneak a peep...

After the lovely vacation it's cleanup time dear...cleanup!..cleanup!!..cleanup!!...and have to unpack the loot!...oh!:)
Meanwhile managed to play with something...errrrr....a sneak peep...

hmmm...will try to finish it ASAP!

Please, donot forget to sign in The CSN giveaway
as today is the last day for of luck friends..!:) 

Monday, 28 March 2011

Splendid Escape...Bali !

Travelling  play a very important role in educating the eye and in developing a rich design vocabulary...what do you say??
Well, after facing the Bali pics uploading problem now am able to fix it!!...(thanks to Edit HTML)...and a very BIG THANKS to all my bloggy pals who helped me...gave me info!...Thanks once again :)

Welcome to Bali, Indonesia.
This romantic Indonesian destination manages to juxtapose traditional culture with modern luxury. Rugged coastlines, pristine beaches and tropical greenery provides for a culture and people rich in spirituality and diversity.

This magical little island represents stone-carvings, water features and ponds...synonymous with luxury, romance and tropical bliss..!

the island itself consistently ranks high on travel lists..

for its world class sea beaches, cool and lush green mountains..

large number of cultural, historical, archaeological attractions and breathtaking views! 

                                    Happy Monday.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

..and a struggle to survive...JAPAN

Millions of people faced a fourth night without water,food or heating in near freezing temperatures in devastated areas in North-East Japan. They are suppressing hunger with instant noodles or rice balls while dealing with the loss of loved ones and home.
"People are surviving on little food and water. Things are simply not coming," said Mr.Hajime Sato, a government official in Iwate prefecture,one of the three hardest-hit, along with Miyagi and Fukushima. Body bags and coffins were running so short the government may turn to foreign funeral homes for help, he said. Elderly people, many of whom are fragile and may be living on little food and water and without life-saving medicine.
The super chic Japanese capital Tokyo also faced confusion and uncertainty over the supply of food and power..!:(
Amidst all these grief-stricken news I have something (good news from the Nippon) to share with you from my very own, small private circle :

1. My Japanese neighbour in Singapore, [who is a good friend of mine..(the moms are friends the kiddos :))] safe and secure in their homeland. She went there with her family for a vacation..! Am soooooo..happy for them :)

2. Some of our good old family friends (hubby's classmates)..who are settled in Tokyo for long..are more or less OK now...what a big relief for us :)

3. The International School in Singapore...where our children are studying, sent a long e-mail from their Tokyo branch stating that all their students are perfectly alright..though the school building damaged here and there! They are taking all necessary precautions for their children's safety,monitoring the local news diligently and taking heed of the Japanese government's advice and guidance...the spokesperson added.

For the elderly who live in the villages lining Japan's north-eastern coast, it is a return to a post privation that their children have never known. As in so much of the Japanese countryside,  young people have largely fled, looking for work in the big city. The elderly who remained are facing devastation and possible radiation contamination, a challenge equal only to the task this generation faced when its defeated, despairing nation had to rebuild from the rubble of the war.

All pics are taken by me from our very own Japanese Garden, Singapore.  Please, do not reuse them..

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Smell of *Spring* my *Tropical Garden*...A Gardener's Note..!!:)

So, bees are buzzing,
the flowers are dipping in the breeze;
the colours,
the fragrance,
the beauty....!!
SPRING is here...
 forever here...:)
in this tiny tropical island...
beautiful *Singapore*...!!
where flower... grows like weeds..
and 'am fortunate to call it

A  few more touches of Spring...
from my tiny *Tropical Garden*...;
which is my labour of LOVE..:)

Here it goes,
on a Sunny Sunny day..
a typical Singapore snap :)..

The Colour..

I LOVE  to sit here
with a good book ;
and a quick cuppa..
well, if the eight years old
and the five years old
..our very cute distractions,
allow me to do so..!:)

The Beauty of Spring
and my *Indian Home*
in Singapore :)...

and it's here
after the sudden splash of
*tropical rain*...

my all drenched garden..
green and purple..

                                                                  with a cute couple..!

                     and lots of pink too..!:)

can you smell
the fragrance...

don't miss the raindrops
on the petals..:)
and now,it's sunny again
the magic of tropic..!
sunshine and rain...
now and then..
a bliss :)

My Chrysanthemums
all bloomed...:)

                     a closer view...!

Yellow sunshine..on my balcony!...what else do I need on a beautiful tropical weekend ..??:)

 purple Orchids..
and yellow Chrysanthemums..
smell of Spring..:)

Signs of Spring..
another view..!

 from my living room
on a sunny Spring weekend
in Singapore :)

for more of my *Garden* related posts please click here and  here

Have a lovely week :)


Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hello lovely Readers! Thanks so much to all of you for your kind participation on my past CSN giveaway(s) ! Welcome to my (Fourth) CSN giveaway !!  This time CSN has offered to giveaway an one-time-use $35 gift voucher to my fabulous readers. It can be used at any of their 200+ online stores/shops/websites. CSN is the largest online retailer of home furniture..they cary a wide range of housewares, great cookware to beautiful  swingsets.

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Good luck folks !!:)


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