Thursday, 27 November 2014

I'm thankful have YOU in my life :) lovely readers,
please accept my gratitude
 for reading this little blog
and loving me unconditionally.

Here, I'm thanking GOD
for my tiny home
priceless family
and beautiful friends.

 For every small thing
I got in my life...
as they say
"There is
something to be thankful for."

...and now
eye candy
on a beautiful autumn day,
with fallen maple and oak leaves,
white pumpkins,
dried corn and berry branches,
dahlias, sunflowers and zinnias.

...and here some more
oozing gorgeousness :)

red, orange, gold, rust and brown
brightest autumn hues ever...

Elegant autumn flowers
and gold glitter
to set 
the seasonal statement. 

Fresh and natural elements
with unexpected burst of colors.

...and the prettiest autumnal floral makeover

"It is not happy people
who are thankful;

It is thankful people
who are happy."
                             ~ Unknown

Happy Thanksgiving!

Images : Better Homes and Gardens
Idea conceived/ collage/ storyline : Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee
                                                          Rainbow The Colours of India

Friday, 21 November 2014

Home : Easy and accessible

Home is ultimately where 'happiness' happens.

A glimpse of
This is how 
I see 
 life and beauty.

I tend to collect accent 
that I cherish,
then play around it,
until it works.

 Huge open windows,
sun-kissed rooms,
white walls,
an open plan living,
fresh flowers and plants
makes me happy
and most importantly
small touches to give the space
personality and charm.
Here's my two cents
a well curated home can be easy too :)

Please, do share your thoughts :)

All images: @ My Home
Images : Mine and subject to copyright

All Rights Reserved 


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

...and I am back...:)

First things first !!
I owe a HUGE apology to you...

my dear friends,
my patient readers...

and those silent followers,
who followed this page diligently
all this while.

and THANK YOU to
all lovely souls
who have sent 
those sweet e-mails...:)
Life can't be so beautiful
without you.

So, how is life...?
Oh my !! it's almost year-end here
a little nip in the air,
warm orange sun-glow
and gorgeous bougainvillea
happy in the courtyard .

and all this while
I was sipping coffee 
in solitude
waiting for your beautiful smile.

As December knocking at door 
there is more miles to travel
and enjoy

 a lot to read and re-read
a lot to bake
and yes...yes...more to blog...:)

So, my lovelies
see you soon 
with a lot of eye candy
till then
take care
and stay happy :)

images : Tumblr
Idea conceived/ collage/ storyline : Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee
                                                          Rainbow The Colours of India


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