Wednesday, 1 December 2010

SANTA CLAUS is coming to town !!!..:))....

Are you from Singapore??... Are you planning to visit here during Christmas??...Want to do a lot of shopping in this magicland??....Those mouthwatering festive goodies from Fullerton are really tempting, na??...Like to catch up all those wonderful Christmas Lights on Orchard Road and Marina Bay??..Or just want to hit The Universal Studio??

Hey,...Good news for you..!! The Tropical Queen is slowly getting all dressed up for the festive season....!!:)

Here, a huge Christmas tree from Funan Mall....Singapore!!

Sneak peek....West Cost Malls..:))

The famous Giant Christmas Tree  from Vivo City...!!

....a closer look...

Isn't it beautiful??...The Holiday Season sparkles with joy and cheer here...!!:) 
The city is sending across the warmest wishes for a Very Merry Christmas !!...:))

For your last minute Christmas decor/ shopping don't forget these incredible shops right here in Singapore !!!....

Is your city ready for the sparkles???....

For more Christmas Inspiration please visit here.

       [All pics are from my personal album]


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Playfully with colours !!:)

Last week when everything was going wrong I  started playing with colours !!
After almost 10 years  have tried something new old !... Once upon a time which was very close to my heart ...Yes, painting!.. To be precise Jamini Roy  replica/copy !!

After my M.S. it took  a back seat ....reasons are many...well that is completely another story!!...

Now, let us come to the point...last weekend I've tried it...after a long long  time....and more or less happy with the outcome...!!:)...It was just a test run...!! All of you know that, painting needs a lot of time and patience (and am in short of both!!)....
A copy of Jamini Roy's 'Mother and Child'....which is one of my all time favourites...intentionally I've changed the colour scheme ....

Here, is the humble attempt...; 

 And finally am here...

I know, I know flaws are there very no expart !..

So, all my lovelies..all super talented ladies out there...please drop in your suggestions...only you can guide me! ...Would love to hear from you as always :)

At present am crazily busy..... in the middle of packing !....and my two great great helping hands (yup, our brats) are always trying to disturb  make things easy for mama dear (as usual !!:)) Would try to put up a few posts on Christmas/Holiday decor before I leave....


All pictures are mine and copyrighted

Monday, 29 November 2010

Pine Cone Themed Christmas Table Arrangement !!:)

Last ten days was  frustrating, devastating, annoying, irritating.....should I stop now???...

Well the story is here :
My two laptops, one..the four years old IBM Think Pad and the other is just one year old DELL  managed to gave me immense troubles during all these days!!....First the problem started with DELL....then I had to switch to the older one, (which was not in a very good condition...though it could serve as a stand by).....but no luck!! also followed the same path :(....And I was in complete mess....On top of all these hubby was in Kuala Lumpur on his usual business trip, so neither I got his laptop to share/use...nor his help to resolve those technical problems....:(!!!

Now, he is back in Singapore and thanks to his IITan brain...has fixed the IBM one but the DELL one (which I love to use most) has to go to DELL Lab is having a number of hardware problem(s)..!!!

So, my lovelies this was the story in short....was unable to put up a single post!....extremely sorry for my absence from blog land...and I really really missed all your beautiful blogs !!!

Now, another news : We are leaving for India on this weekend.....yup, for the winter break...Yippee...!!!
Will be back in a few weeks time!!....So, I will be a little irregular ...please bear with me for this short period :)!

Well, since we are leaving shortly,  already have started our Christmas celebration(s) early in Singapore...
Today, am going to share with you some decor tips from  my Pine Cone Christmas Table Arrangements which I have done on last Sunday evening ....Yes, on Advent :)!!!

 A Happy  Table Decor on  Advent .....Sunday 28th November...!

My  Sunday Table Singapore home...:)

For a crispy December evening....:)

Our Tropical Christmas....sneak peak !!

With love and warmth....with laughter and food....!

I was planning for a beautiful post on Thanksgiving...but you know I have missed it :(...May be next year will plan for it!...Hope , all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday !!

Now, I have to leave for packing and all that ...hmmm!!!...Super excited for the upcoming India visit....will try to come back soon with some Colourful Holiday Posts from Singapore! !

I'm going to link this post to Patty's Weekend wrap up 8 and Table Top Tuesday, The Key Bunch's December carnival, Emreen's It'z Festival Time and Susan's 119 Tablescape Thursday

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Passage to India

It's mid of November... Diwali is over (though the afterglow is still there :))...Thanksgiving is coming.... and it is raining continuously in Singapore!...This tropical beauty queen is all wet...the clean roads are cleaner and the green landscapes are much greener now  :)...

Last weekend was just like that !!.....The seductress Singapore was all dressed up with flowers and colours and greens ! Though Saturday was a crazy busy day with all to-do-lists, shopping and all that....Sunday was a bit different !!....Officially Sundays are fun days if hubby is in Singapore...if he is not travelling zig-zag across the continents !!....So, when the dad and the brats were in full mood (as usual) the mom decided for a family day out at Asian Civilisation Museum.....:)
ACM  is one of the pioneering museums in the region to specialise in PAN-ASIAN cultures and civilisations...and is an integral part of the three museums of the National Museum of Singapore.

The Museum's collection centres on the material cultures of the different groups originating from China, South East Asia, South Asia and West Asia....from which the diverse ethnic groups of Singapore trace their ancestry. Today am showing a part of it's South Asian gallery (Gallery 7) and the rest will come in near future [It is impossible to cover up the whole Museum in a single post!!]....
Spread across two galleries, the South Asian collection explores the wealth of diversity in the region  through themes such as religions, science and the performing arts. South East Asia was the birthplace of two of the world's major religions: Hinduism and Buddhism. The Museum's collection of stone representations (statues and stupas and models) of the Hindu  Gods covers different regional styles and includes popular deities such as Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu, Brahma and Ganesha.....Today let us enjoy the India section...which is enriched with all these incredible stone sculptures...!!!

So, this was my weekend in a capsule!...and now am going to add this link to Patty's weekend wrap up 6.

Disclaimer : All these pictures are taken by not reuse them in any form without my written permission !

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Diwali afterglow...!!:)

So, finally the festival is over....but the afterglow is there...!..the home still wears the festive look...the decorations, flowers, candles, diyas, rangoli, rose petals, lanterns, laddos, mithai, chocolates, dinners, laughter, chitter chatter are fading away.....hmmmm....but still the fragrance is there in the air...!!
Life is slowly falling back into normalcy...but a little bit of magic is continuing..:)

This post is coming up a little late....was too busy to put up a Post-Diwali writeup...yup, the hangover....the aftereffect....may be laziness.....whatever it is !!...  Am in the post festive hibernation mode...!!:)

And now this is my Entryway ....the post Diwali look !...a few tea light candles, traditional brass lamps and decorative diyas...framed tribal couple with some bonsai and money plants...the greens hues..!:)...:)

The lady of the house...was too busy  with all the the kitchen...on the dinner table...with family and friends !!...Was enjoying those beautiful moments ( rather than just clicking pictures)....those glittery moments!...those amazing moments!...those Diwali moments..!!:)..:)

                                                       ...and now it's time to pack-up..!:)

Hope, all of you had a fabulous weekend...the brightest and happiest Diwali ever....with family and friends..foods and fun !!...

Now, the party is over...and cant wait another 356 days for the diyas to be lit...for the next time...for another out of the world Diwali  !!!...

Have a great week:)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Dhanteras ki Hardik Shuvkamnayee..!!!...A Very Happy and Prosperous Danteras to You All !!!:)...

Today is 'Dhanteras'...The very auspicious 'thirteenth' day....!!:)
"Dhan" means wealth in English and 'Tera" is the 13th day. On this very auspicious day people buy gold, silver, jewelry or utensils.

As per ancient Hindu rituals today we worship Goddess Lakshmi....The Goddess of Wealth . My humble nest is slowly getting ready for the upcoming festival...The Festival of Lights....Shubh Deepavali.
On this very auspicious day of 'Dhanteras  I am welcoming The Goddess with complete devotion....:)

Here, some Ethnic Indian Decor tips on 'Dhanteras' and Diwali or Deepavali....!!!....The Goddess is coming...:)....

With footprints of Goddess Lakshmi (Lakkhir Pa), Lakshmi's pot (Lakkhir Jhapi), fresh flowers, faux gold coins, traditional earthen diyas, loads of copper and brass puja articles, a pot full of kumkum..... am welcoming her !! Let the festivities begin.......:)

Shubh Dhanteras...:)

May The Goddess bless us with health, wealth, prosperity and bliss....!!..:)

Diwali ki Hardik Shuvkamnayee.....!!!

A Happy Diwali to You All.....:)



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