Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Decor Oriental - Rustic meets Refinement

Do you in love with the mystic of Oriental decor and Indian opulence all put together?
Well, I do.  I crave for an Asian-Oriental contemporary space filled with lots of vibrant colours, bold textures and green corners. The free flowing organic style, easy and Eco-friendly decor, open space living and refined simplicity always attract me.
Now, let me welcome you to our humble 'Eclectic Home' .

If you are looking for a picture perfect house, straight out of a magazine page..sorry..mine is not. 
This is a little 'whimsy'  nest, a compact nook for our two lovely kids and a peaceful space for me and my husband.
We are decidedly creative when it comes to designing a happy home which is simple and family friendly, a delightful fun zone where children and adults can play and work together...and we love those beautifully composed magical moments of everyday life. 

Simple serenity and calmness are synonymous to any Oriental space. Buddha from Vietnam with Orchids and tea light candles artistically brings out those dramatic effects .

For an Oriental Corner :
Balinese temple doll from Ubud, Bali  (Indonesia),
Thai gold plated Benjarong from Bangkok (Thailand),
 Contemporary Chinese art painting from Singapore .
 Flowers are essential to bring that welcoming sense of warmth and comfort. 

There is nothing 'fancy' about this home...a busy space with lots of scattered books, papers, paintings and toys (thanks to our little brats :))...and naturally not so picture perfect always. It is a child friendly- flexible home, practical and comfortable.
An informal nook designed by a slightly eccentric couple who loves travel , photography, books, music and name just a few ;))

Those lovingly collected treasures from our travel to different countries always find a special place in our it an antique Japanese cha-pot (tea-pot) or a Balinese ' Barong  mask' .

I deliberately select happy colours and  patterns to keep my home cheerful and rejuvenate. Burnt red , orange, fuchsia, rust-gold, shades of olive green and a hint of turquoise completes the look.

My mantra is 'Make your home your own'. I love belongings which add character. We do not possess any extravagant  art or accessory but every single treasure in our nest has a story of its own.

Don't you like the beautiful effect of grouping several objects together which gives a special character to any space. They need not be match always...this eclectic mix-'n-match brings a sense of flexibility, which I try to incorporate in my home.

So, Bayon face and Khmer art from Angkor Wat, Cambodia  goes hand-in-hand with Chinese blue pottery.

Today On The Coffee-Table :

Antique  brass bowl from Dhaka, Bangladesh (a family heirloom),
A maroon and green Indian spice box from Mumbai, India,
Indonesian wooden couple masks..a quick purchase from Jakarta International Airport, Indonesia.

Home is about expression of individuality. A personal touch with interesting accessories, fabrics, art and books makes my home more of 'Me'.
An eclectic  space with its effortless relaxed approach.

Do you like Asian-eclectic living?  
What is your style mantra?
Do let me know...:)

All pictures are mine and subject to copyright. Please do not reuse them in any form without my written permission. Thanks.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Photography Part I: Angkor Wat

Today, once again I am taking you all to cherish the profound beauty and mystic tranquillity of   'Khmer Splendour' in Cambodia- Angkor Wat.

The wondrous temples of Angkor are  one of  the most astonishing, magnificent and enduring architectural achievements of mankind, built by Khmer civilisation between 802 and 1220 AD.

As the best-preserved temple at the site, Angkor Wat is the only one to have remained a significant religious centre since its foundation- first Hindu, then Buddhist. The temple epitomise the high classical style of Khmer art and architecture, is world's largest single religious monument. 

Angkor Wat has become the symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag and is one of the prime attraction in South East Asia.

    This exceptional monument built during the early years of the 12th century by the Khmer Emperior Suryavarman II, dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu and is a symbolic representation of ancient Hindu cosmology.

    Built over a period of 400 years by a number of different rulers and covering an area of more than 400 sq km, the temple complex of Angkor Wat was only rediscovered 150 years ago.

    The magical ruins of Angkor are located amidst dense forests and  lash green farmland, near modern day Siem Reap city in Cambodia . These finest masterpieces are a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Site.

    Many of the temples at Angkor complex have been restored, and together they comprise the most significant site of Khmer architecture .

    This is another short post and my humble attempt to explore the glory of this marvellous piece of art.

    Many more to come as it is impossible to over the beauty of this splendid location in a few posts. 

    Please visit my other posts on Angkor Wat-Cambodia  here and here .

    All pictures are photographed by me. Please, do not reuse them in any form without my written permission. Thanks.


    Friday, 4 May 2012

    From The Tropical Island Paradise...

    Happiness is contentment,
          Happiness is acceptance,
         Happiness is LOVE..
             and LOVE is GOD !

    Greetings from a tiny, sunny, tropical island,
    somewhere in Southeast Asia.. 
     Enjoy a lovely, peaceful weekend
    at your part of the world :)

    Picture is taken by me. Please, do not reuse this in any form without my written permission. Thanks.

    Thursday, 3 May 2012

    Francfranc : Hello Singapore from Tokyo

    The Japanese home furnishing giant Francfranc is opening shortly right here in Singapore. Our tiny, sunny island is welcoming two new Francfranc stores at JCube and VivoCity.

    Founded in Japan, Francfranc offers an always evolving blend of home accessories, furniture, lighting and personal gifts. In their stores in Japan they aim to provide a remarkable and immersive customer experience inside a visually rich environment that surprises and delights the customers at every turn. 

    Exclusive Singapore Tote Bags...:)

    Francfranc  Special Event at VivoCity, Singapore

     The designer and retailer of home lifestyle products, offering rich, quality designs at reasonable prices. The stores, located primarily in Japan, China and Hong Kong aim to provide a remarkable and immersive customer experience inside a visually rich space.

    All images/Copyright/Links: Francfranc


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