Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Aporv : Indian Handicrafts and Creative Design

Last week I received a mail from Sudip the founder of (, the ultimate online destination for Indian Handicrafts and Creative design. 

Sudip says, "Aporv (pronounced a-poor-v) means Unique in Sanskrit and just like its name it tries to bring the unique creativity from Indian artisans and designers to the global audience."

About this unique online store :

  1. ONLY handcrafted and Eco-friendly products.
  2. Partnering with Artisans, NGO's, SHG's, designers and bring their creativity to your doorstep.
  3. Amazing range of inspired creativity from India.
  4. Buyers from India, USA, UK, Singapore and many other countries.
  5. Visitors from 90+ countries.
  6. Winner of Manthan Award South Asia 2010.

Aporv has gained a lot of atraction from domestic and international customers on its Facebook page.
Please, don't forget to visit:

Also, they have been covered by most of the domestic media and few international. One may check the same here:

All images:


Gurgaonflowerplaza said...

Really Yummy!!!

Rakhi said...

Wow, you covered all over India in a blog, that is very nice.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

A great site with some very pretty pieces!

Leovi said...

My favorite is this beautiful vase of beautiful colors.

Odissy Crafts said...

Nice one. Pl do visit my page for a brief idea on the craft work of Odisha.

sanjay webmaster said...

Nice & very beautiful post

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