Wednesday, 11 July 2012

After a splash of rain...

 The simple charm of Eco-friendly living,
casual blend of rustic and character pieces..
and some fun to bring the outdoors in.

My Rajasthani men (musicians) on the window sill
and green outdoor in the backdrop...

Sunlight streaming through summer curtain
and some more green love inside...

My 'Desi' home with ample dose of 'colour' and happiness :)

Glimpses of a sunny morning
after a splash of Singapore-rain,
smell of flowers in the air...
breezy-refreshing beauty
sums up the 'look' for the day :) 

All pictures are photographed by me. Please, do not reuse them in any form without my written permission. Thanks. 


Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunshine and Bliss

Orchids...happy happy Orchids
and yellow sunshine
in my tiny tropical garden,
on a beautiful new week.

Hope, you are enjoying a lovely time at your part of the world.

Heartiest welcome to all my new friends on this blog. Hope to see you here more often :)

The photograph is taken by me. Please, do not reuse this in any form without my written permission. Thanks.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I missed you too...

Hello from Singapore ...
on a beautiful rainy day :)

Big THANKS to all my lovely readers,
who visited my space regularly, 
during my long blogging break.. 
Yes, I missed you too :)
Thanks again for all your patience.

A very happy 4th July to all my US readers.

The picture is mine and copyrighted to RAINBOW-The Colours of India


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