Monday, 25 July 2011

May I ask you a favor...please, vote for me!!...:)

My home has been selected as one of the 5 finalist for the Blissful Home Contest on Prismma the premier online design and decor magazine from India. I need a help from my faithful readers....please, do vote for my entry, click on this link  and leave a will take just 2 seconds. Your comment is treated as a vote.

Hope to see you on My Home Feature .
Thanks a ton for your support, help and time...once again!!:)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Rajasthan...Royal and Rustic...Through My Lens...!!!

I am going to start a New Series on the magnificent desert state of Rajasthan...the land of 'Kings'...that takes my heart away !...the vibrant state which fascinates me deeply !!...
For me, this princely state reflects the true image of my beloved country...India...and probably never ever I would be able to ignore the breathtaking beauty of this colourful paradise...!!!

The Majestic Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan...

The Royal Mehrangarh...another view..!

a Rajasthani village boy (tribal musician )inside the super impressive fort...!

Rajasthan and it's vibrant culture, history and heritage, colourful people and delicious food, myth and mystery, the forts and the palaces, the rustic and the royals....are an integral part of my design stay tuned for many more to come in future...!!!

To Be Continued.....!!....!!!...

All pictures are taken by me. Please, do not reuse them in any form without my written permission.Thanks!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


On a beautiful new week...                         

Thai hibiscus...
Pictures taken by me at Bangkok, Thailand!

Have a lovely week ahead :)

P.S. : RAINBOW is back in action! Thanks for all those beautiful wishes, e-mails and messages on this blog and Facebook !...Means a lot !!:)

 Please, do not reuse these pictures in any form without my written permission. Thanks!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


G'day folks!


Hope the new week is treating you well !  I'm down with the lack of post(s). Hope to catch you soon ! Till then happy blogging :)

Have a great week ahead !!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Weekend Wishes...!!!...:)

  freeeeeeeesh summer...;


Just chill....!!!...:))

Happy Weekend Folks...:))

All Things Pretty

G'day ladies!
Hope all of you are enjoying a lovely new week !:)

Today's post is about a brilliant entrepreneur and her super chic product line...!
So, my LOVE to add some vibrant Indian colours, gorgeous textures, classy fabrics and beautiful paisley motifs to your interior...oh yes, a very affordable price !!...Well, your answer is here...:)
Meet Ayesha Puri the very talented lady behind the fabulous venture...

Now, what's so special about this home furnishing line??....Well, the answer is here :

Ayesha says : 'I am based in Delhi and recently started my own line of home furnishings. I currently focus mostly on cushions and am looking at expanding onto other products as well such as table linen and bed linen. All my products are mostly India inspired in terms of fabric,colours etc. I retail mostly through exhibitions in Delhi and NCR and am open to take orders and mailing products within and outside India. Product prices range mostly between INR 500 to INR 1100 or so.'

Here, some of her stunning products...!

This amazing home furnishing line is available at ZARA home, Zamrudpur New Delhi and a few other stores across India. Also, she got a media coverage in the Feb issue of the Ideal Home and Garden !:)

So, what are you waiting for???.....:)

To place the orders please contact here:

 Please, do visit her Facebook page.

Her products are also available at the fabulous blog The Key Bunch's e-store Style Radha .

Best of luck Ayesha!

[All images: Ayesha Puri, All Things Pretty]

Monday, 4 July 2011

Magnificent Grand Palace of Bangkok...Amazing Thailand-Part 1

The Kingdom of Thailand ~ is an irresistible combination of  breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, outstanding hospitality and superb cuisine. This is my third visit to 'The Kingdom' so far...and I'm completely amazed by it's rich history, heritage and culture . Truly 'THE KINGDOM is AMAZING!!!'
Bangkok ~ The beautiful Thai capital is an independent, dynamic, influential and one of the leading cities of South East Asia. The dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace of Bangkok is a grand old dame indeed. It is undoubtedly the city's most famous landmark. Built in 1782 and served for 150 years as the home of the Thai Kings.The palace has remained the seat of spirituality and power in Thailand .
Here, a salute to the creativity and craftsmanship of the very talented Thai people.

Kinnon/Kinnor ( The male version of Kinnoni/Kinnori~ Mythological creature...half bird, half human at Wat Phra Kaew Temple ( Temple of The Emerald Buddha)....inside the Grand Palace complex, Bangkok.

Beautiful  architecture and intricate of Siam (Thailand)

   'YAKSHAS'~The demonic guards at the temple entrances...;

 Angels and demons guards at the temples..!

 Flavour of Orient...

an unique Thai experience...

immense...and ..royal..!!:)

End of a spectacular day....full bloomed original pink Thai lotus and Grand palace of Bangkok (at the back drop)


For my USA readers : Wishing you all a Very Happy Forth of July!

P.S. : More posts on Thailand/ Bangkok/South East Asia are coming shortly...stay tuned !!:)


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