Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hello December...and sneak peek home :)

It's December!
It's fun time,
family time,
It's holiday season :)

Yes, a beautiful family vacation

is in the cards...
a few frames from home
(sans 'Christmas decor', I'm yet to put up those magical lights,
yes, I know I'm late :) )
and the verdant tropical surrounds.

The lush view outside
has a deep impact on our humble home.

It is fun to reflect
the scenic beauty of the outdoors
into indoor.

Depth and ambiance :)

Delicate details
on the coffee table.

whisper of calmness
and natural vibe,
laid back and relaxing
 yet grown up style.

Now, it is all about
warm colours 
gold, brown, red and rust...
the season is finally here.

Wood, stone, silk 
and all other natural accents
compliments the beautiful leafy surrounds
and tropical foliage. 

Modern day contemporary living,
subtle luxury,
 natural elegance
and a global home :)

Here, wishing you all
a very blissful and 
relaxing holiday season.

All images : My Home and copyrighted

All Rights Reserved 

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Lulu said...

What a delightful journey filled with exciting color and texture.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous...lovely!

Alycia Nichols said...

These colors are the ultimate in rich and luxurious! I love all the texture, too. If someone is still trying to think of a wonderful way to decorate for this Christmas season, I think they can get lots of inspiration here in the colors and feeling through your photos!


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