Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Big Thank You and A Huge Bear all my folks!!:):)

For the last couple of days the atmosphere was not so pleasant on this blog !! ...You may get the whole story HERE...but at the end 'Life is a continuous process of learning'..and all such negative experiences are 'part of the game'....!
The outcome so far...the picture from my blog is still up there on the WEBSITE  (yes,in spite of my repeated write ups/ complains/ mails/ comments etc.) PLAGIARISM thrives unashamedly....!! :(

Meantime RAINBOW has managed to change it's getup...well a little bit !:) The Template has been changed, the old banner is again back here  (yes, the same picture which was conveniently stolen), ....and a few more changes here and there....and of course all the pictures are 'watermarked' from now on:)

My Frangipani Love on a beautiful summer morning...from Singapore...a few Ethnic Indian design inspirations! :)

Just drop me a few lines whether you would like these changes or not...would love to hear from you as always :)

And finally, a big Thanks to all of you!! family and friends, my amazing co-bloggers, gentle followers and lovely readers for your tremendous support against PLAGIARISM...for all your unconditional love and encouragement (on this blog and on Facebook)....I really really appreciate !...Thank You ALL!!...Thanks for everything!!!

Feed backs and suggestions are very much welcome on the new look of This Blog !!??:):)

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rama said...

Everything is looking good, just perfect.
Maybe after they did it once, and saw the response, they may not dare to do it again. Be positive, and don't let such negative people bother you.

Sarmistha said...

Your space always loooked gorgeous:)Now it looks even prettier.It is so rich in colors and materials that whoever try to steal will never be able to replicate your originality.your work and your home is one and only:)

sulagna ™ said...

you have always had a beautiful blog and that wont ever change !!!

Miss Merry said...

I am sorry you are having troubles. It is hard to "police" the internet and I am sorry people have stolen from you. Use without permission is unfair!!

Sudha said...

glad you are staying put...just wanted you to know that my comments stating their theft have been deleted too

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Thanks a bunch Sudha! That's very natural for such people...let it go..
Thanks once again dear :)

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Thanks folks :)

Sudha said...

hey this is the mail i got in response to my comment

this is what i put in as comment
hey..that is a picture from another popular blog…the least you guys can
do is give proper credits"

and this is their response..
And what blog would that be, kind person?


the id i got this email from:

From: ""


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