Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Back from Phuket....!!:)

Hi Friends!!!
Yup, finally 'am back...from a lovely, relaxing Thai beach holiday :)
It was a wonderful wonderful time with hubby and kiddos....  enjoyed this much needed break thoroughly !!:) The mysterious Andaman sea and white sandy beaches were perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, para sailing and all sorts of sea sports!!
But yes,...missed you all !!.....my dear ladies....and your beautiful blogs !!!

Here, an unforgettable sunset at Phuket (Patong) beach and some para sailing....mesmerising !




......and more and more to come...so, stay tuned !!:)....

Please, do not copy or save any of these above photographs....all are my personal pics.


sulagna ™ said...

hi dear..welcome back...m sure you must have got some real goodies from there..dint know you are going there or else wuld have definitely asked youto see Koh Samui..maybe next time :)

GB said...

welcome back!

padmaja said...

Thanks for letting me enjoy the beauty of Phuket.. the waves seem to glitter with a silver lining, glad to know that you had a great time, I am sure you came back with a lot of bouncing energy:-)

Patricia Torres said...

Oh so nice... you are back!! Looks like you had a fab time.. Hope your hubby had a good bday..

such gorgeous pics... Now I bet you are all energised to do a lot of more posts.. cant wait!!


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